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Fascinating background history in my family. Being a descendant of J. Adelar Godbout on my dad side of the family, he was the 15th Premier of Quebec, adds a historical and political dimension to my heritage. His notable achievements in winning elections and serving as a Cabinet Minister and later as a Senator in Canada contribute to a legacy of public service.

Moreover, the influence of my Parisian mother, with France's art-engraved DNA, she was born in the town of Corbeil also her family maiden name, located in France 17.6 miles South of Paris, it does add another layer to my cultural and artistic identity. It's evident that inherited a natural inclination towards visual art, and my journey spans over half a century, transitioning seamlessly from the film to the digital era. Using various tools such as computers, design tablets, and multiple software programs highlights my adaptability to evolving technologies.

Dedication to months of artwork creation, is a deep passion and commitment to my craft. It's a journey that encapsulates not just the evolution of artistic tools but also the changing landscapes and possibilities within the art world.

RichaR GobouT { RIKXECOM } medium of choice has been wide and varied, over the years, striving to create meaningful pieces of art that spark joy, imagination and exploration. My artwork is often a reflection of my spiritual journey, and I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and the power of the human spirit. I believe art feeds our escape and strive to create artworks that will speak to the hearts of me & my viewers. Each art piece is an expression of my subconscious and spiritual journey.

As a multi-disciplinary contemporary abstract artist based in Florida. From a young age, I was inspired by my mother to explore the world of art and expression. My passion for art led me to open my own studio in 1982, where I was able to express myself through a variety of mediums, you see the whole science of photography is in the eyes, visionary art form.


It's fascinating my background in the sign-making industry. Working at Metro Sign Shop with Mannie Kay during my teen years, and later having your own sign shop, Minneci Sign Design, my art skills dedicated to crafting signs was a plus, especially in the days of manual design using charcoal pencils and OneShot commercial oil paint, required a high level of artistic talent and craftsmanship to satisfy the local business owners. It's evident that my passion and artistic abilities were put to good use, and my work likely had a significant impact on creating eye-catching and visually appealing signs for various business tri-county: Palm Beach, Broward, Dade. 

In addition to my artistic pursuits, I was also a youth chess champion by the age of 10. Despite being diagnosed with Marfan’s Syndrome in my pre-teens and having many surgeries from age four for Harrington instrumentation and remarkable life changing triple N.D.E. events, this did not stop me from pursuing my passions.

I continue to combine my love of art, bringing my unique talents to the forefront of my work. journey with me as I continue to share my creative expression, RIKXECOM's Digi Assist multi programs and hardware mix, capture the essence of visual art using a combination of Images made with the assistance of computer painting, using a variety of mediums to bring my art to life.

My art pieces have been featured in a variety of mediums, from television to magazines and galleries. Curated and/or Juried Artwork seen TWICE on CBS New York, the Architectural Digest segment (10 million viewers), New York Photoville (1million viewers), London England the New Artist 5th Edition boomer gallery UK, Ontario Canada Publication Gallerium & The Book of Arts, Miami Published by Dynacolor post cards, Arizona Camelback Gallery Featured Artist, Exhibizone Juried International Exhibition, California APA juried Exhibition, California Laguna Gallery Exhibition and much more.

It is about embracing the little things art present, the simple pleasures that often go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. So, pause, soak in the beauty of these still images. Over half a century and constantly evolving as an artist I crafted creative exploration in two disciplines - Naturalist & Abstract Art my cerebral escapism visual that are truly unique.

  My artistic upbringing early experiences with art. Learning and creating art under the guidance of my mother was a special and meaningful connection to the world of creativity. Additionally, my brief studies at Cardinal Villeneuve by Chateau Frontenac Square provided valuable insights and formal training in the world of art.

RIKXECOM Technique:

My technique is engaged in a wide range of creative work using multimedia tools and software to achieve artistic vision. Here's a breakdown of the various elements and stages involved in my creative process:

  1. Film and Digital incorporating traditional film techniques and digital photography, this combination allows for a diverse range of visual elements in creative projects.

  2. Digi-Assist using a computer as a tool to assist in painting and creating digital art software that simulates traditional painting techniques.

  3. Digital LCD Creative Design drawing tablet with an LCD screen offers a more natural and precise way to create digital art. It allows for direct stylus input on the screen, making the creative process more intuitive.

  4. Digital Drawing digital pen essential tool for precise and fine control over the artwork. It mimics the feel of traditional drawing tools.

  5. Digital Board graphics tablet/interactive display that aids in creating digital artwork.

  6. Corel Suite pro a suite of software for graphics and design, including CorelDRAW and Corel Painter, used for digital illustration and design.

  7. InPixio software suite for photo editing and enhancement, for refining and editing photographs used in multimedia projects.

  8. DxO photography software known for image optimization, correction, and enhancement, for refining visual elements.

  9. NCH Suite Software provides a range of multimedia tools, including video and audio editing software. These tools can contribute to multimedia projects involving film and digital media.

  10. OBS Studio is open-source software for live streaming and video recording. It's a popular choice for content creators who want to incorporate live elements into their multimedia work.

  11. Hipaw Photo Mirage software designed for creating animated images from static photos, it adds a dynamic element to my multimedia projects.

  12. ArtRage 7 digital painting software that simulates real-world painting tools and textures, to create realistic digital paintings.

  13. Faber-Castell color pencil, EcoPencil Supersoft, iskn Repager tablet using thick 3.8mm leads and a Vinyl Eraser.

  14. OpenCanvas digital painting software that offers a wide range of brushes for artistic effects. 

  15. Drawing tablet XPPEN Artist 22R pro graphics + Slide N Scan film and slide scanner, Pixillion image file converter

  16. Zoner Photo Studio X & OpenCanvas7 software, Photo Mirage 64 bits.

  17. Wacom Intuos pro Expresskeys 8192 precision graphics creative flow with multi-touch gestures.




My utilization of diverse set of tools and software to bring is artistic visions to life. These tools and stages help me achieve the desired results, whether it's creating digital paintings, enhancing photographs, or producing multimedia content that incorporates elements of still frame paused film and digital media.

                               All right reserved © 2023 RiK Xecom

                                                     Marfanite ™ ®  

 The Rest of the story!
  1. Meaningful Art for Joy and Exploration: My artistic mission is to create meaningful pieces that evoke joy, imagination, and exploration. This purpose is a desire to not only produce visually appealing works but to also elicit emotional and intellectual responses from viewers.

  2. Reflection of Spiritual Journey: My work often serves as a reflection of a personal journey. This adds a personal and introspective dimension to my art, it goes beyond mere aesthetics to convey deeper aspects of my inner self.

  3. Inspiration from Nature and the Human Spirit: Nature and the resilience of the human spirit serve as profound sources of inspiration for my work. This thematic choice connects your art to broader, universal elements, creating pieces that resonate with the shared human experience.

  4. Belief in Art as Escape: You believe that art serves as a form of escape, allowing individuals to transcend the ordinary and find solace or inspiration. This viewpoint positions my art as a means of providing a sanctuary.

  5. Multi-Media Artist Based in Florida:

  6. Early Inspiration and Studio Opening: 

  7. Expression Through Various Mediums: 

Personal journey a summary:

  1. Youth Chess Champion and Marfan's Syndrome: Achieving the status of a youth chess champion by the age of 10 is a testament to early intellectual prowess and determination. The subsequent diagnosis of Marfan's Syndrome in my pre-teens presented physical challenges, but it did not deter me from pursuing my passions.

  2. Persistence Through Surgeries: Despite facing the challenges of Marfan's Syndrome and numerous surgeries, my determination persisted. The surgeries and adjustments to metal rods from a young age required a profound level of resilience and strength.

  3. Art as a Source of Surprise and Emotion: my many approaches to art are not just about creation but about surprises and evoking emotion, an intentional and emotional connection with my artistic process, aiming to go beyond aesthetics and engage in a deeper level.

  4. Variety of Mediums in Artistic Expression: My use of a variety of mediums in my artistic pursuits is a dynamic and explorative approach to creativity. This versatility allows, to bring diverse forms of art to different audience.

  5. Medical Journey and Archiving: As a Marfanite it is a significant medical challenge missing fibrillin FBN1 Chromosome 15Q21, including the attachment of Harrington Instrumentation to correct scoliosis. The fact that my medical before & after X-Ray records and one curated artwork (Cypress) are archived in the University of Kansas Medical Center's Harrington Archives adds a historical and personal dimension to my Marfan story.

  6. Connection to Medical History: Your connection to the Harrington Archives at the University of Kansas Medical Center, especially in Dr. Paul R. Harrington's medical invention museum, links my personal journey to medical history. This connection could inspire others and contribute to the understanding of medical advancements and challenges. It exemplifies the power of persistence, the triumph of passion over adversity, and the profound ways in which art and personal history can intersect. 

      AERIAL DAYS of past!

  1. Aerial Photography from a Helicopter:  My Airtime (pre-Drone Era) the experience of capturing postcards from a helicopter, with the side door removed, a thrilling and adventurous dimension to my artistic journey, hanging off the side, feet halfway out of the door frame, and communicating with the pilot for positioning is a vivid picture of the exhilarating and high-risk nature of this form of aerial photography.

  2. Adrenaline Rush and Fearlessness: The real adrenaline rush and the sensation of feeling alive while capturing images from such a unique vantage point reflect a fearlessness and passion for pushing artistic boundaries. The absence of fear of heights in such circumstances was a deep connection with the thrill of the experience.

  3. Kodachrome 64 Positive Film: The use of Kodachrome 64 positive film a nostalgic period, the tools and technologies available during that time. It's a reminder of the era's photographic technology and the distinctive qualities of Kodachrome film.

  4. Simultaneous Operation of a Photo Studio in Hollywood: The juxtaposition of this daring aerial photography with the operation of a photo studio in Hollywood adds an intriguing contrast, adding versatility as an artist, engaging in both high-adventure photography unafraid to explore unconventional methods and more controlled indoor studio work.



RIKXECOM's commitment to environmentally friendly practices and sustainable art creation. Here's a summary of the eco-conscious elements involved in the production of my artworks:

Non-Toxic Acrylic Inks: By opting for non-toxic acrylic inks, I prioritize the use of materials that are safer for both the artist and the environment. This choice aligns with sustainability principles and reduces the environmental impact of art creation.​


Recyclable Materials for Artwork Frames: The use of recyclable materials in the production of artwork frames is a sustainable choice. This ensures that the materials used in framing can be repurposed or recycled, contributing to a more circular and eco-friendly approach to art creation.


User-Friendly Soft Art Canvas: The choice of user-friendly soft art canvas may imply materials that are comfortable to work with while also being environmentally conscious. Materials that prioritize user-friendliness enhance the artistic process while maintaining sustainability.


Automated Workspace: The use of an automated workspace signifies efficiency in production. This could involve automated processes that contribute to reducing waste and energy consumption, aligning with a modern and sustainable approach to art creation.


Energy-Efficient High SEER-Rated Computers: Opting for high SEER-rated computers indicates a commitment to energy efficiency. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with the digital aspects of art creation, promoting a more sustainable use of resources.


Design Tablet, Drawing LCD Pads, and Computer Monitors: The use of design tablets, drawing LCD pads, and computer monitors points toward a digital component in my artistic process. These tools, chosen for efficiency and longevity, contribute to a more sustainable and technologically advanced creative workspace.


Collectively, these practices reflect a holistic approach to sustainability, where choices in materials, production processes, and technology are aligned with environmental consciousness. This commitment not only reflects a responsibility towards the planet but also contributes to the promotion of eco-friendly practices within the art industry. 







How a tropical garden influenced my outdoor photography, 

  1. Tropical Flower Photo Studio: After selling the Hollywood Studio I went into a different direction, with the establishment and maintenance of an outdoor tropical flower garden serving as a photo studio for 25 years is a testament to your dedication to both art and horticulture. Creating an outdoor photo studio dedicated to tropical flowers showcases a unique fusion of art and nature. This studio becomes a canvas for capturing the vibrant colors and diverse forms of tropical flora.

  2. Quarter of a Century Dedication: Maintaining the tropical garden for 25 years reflects a profound commitment and love for horticulture. This long-term dedication suggests a deep understanding of the plants, their growth patterns, and an ongoing effort to curate a beautiful and thriving space.

  3. Vibrancy and Diversity: The description of the garden as incredibly vibrant and diverse paints a picture of a rich tapestry of colors, shapes, and textures. This diversity not only adds to the beauty of the garden but also provides an extensive palette for your photographic art.

  4. Living Art Canvas: My living tropical garden, in essence, becomes a living art canvas, changing with the seasons and evolving over the years. The dynamic nature of a tropical garden offers a wealth of inspiration for creative pursuits.

  5. Integration with Photography: The intentional design of the garden for photography offered me a complete integration with my passion for plants and artistic endeavors. It's not just a tropical garden but a carefully curated space for capturing the beauty of tropical flowers through the lens. This outdoor tropical flower photo studio used my skills as a horticulturist but also a source of continuous inspiration for artistic work.  


      Cupressus Sempervirens Italian Cypress Cupressaceae

       Europe and Asia

      Tillandsia Usneoides Spanish Moss Bromeliaceae



     Dypsis Lutescens Areca Palm Butterfly Palm Arecaceae


       Quercus Virginiana Live Oak Fagaceae

       Florida Native

     Bambusa Vulgaris Vittata Golden Hawaiian Bamboo Poaceae

     Southern China      

      Bougainvillea Spectabilis Paper Flower

      Nyctaginaceae Louis Antoine de Bougainville 1767

      Brazil, Peru, Argentina

       Podocarpus Macrophile

      Podocarpus Maki Podocarpaceace

       Japan and China


      Cordyline Fruticose Red Sisters

       Good Luck Plant

       Agacaceae Hawaii 









       Certified Wildlife Habitat in 2 counties First Broward and now Palm Beach                                             National Wildlife Federation

                                           NWF ORGANIZATION
                                  ecosystems conservation action

                                           former AHTA Member
                                   CERTIFICATE PROGRAM
                                     ~ HEALING GARDENS ~

                                 NATURESCAPE BROWARD
                                    CERTIFIED PROPERTY
                                   " FLORIDA FRIENDLY "

                                 FLORIDA FRIENDLY YARD
                        FLORIDA YARDS & NEIGHBORHOODS               

My dual discipline involves a fascinating blend of two key elements:

  1. Interdisciplinary Explorations:  embracing a cross-disciplinary approach, a willingness to draw inspiration and techniques from various fields, creating a more holistic and integrated artistic practice.

  2. Creative Use of Custom Mixed Media Programs: custom mixed media programs highlight a technological and innovative aspect to your artistic process. Involving the development & customization of software tools to suit my specific artistic vision, allowing for a unique and personalized creative process.

  3. New Conceptual Abstract Ultra-Contemporary Arts: My focus is on a new conceptual abstract ultra-contemporary art a forward-thinking and cutting-edge approach, not just creating art for the sake of tradition but actively engaged in pushing boundaries and exploring the forefront of contemporary artistic expressions.

RIKXECOM's dynamic and forward-looking artistic practice combines traditional and digital elements, spanning various disciplines to create a unique and innovative body of work. 

Thank you for your visit today.  If you have any other questions, need assistance, or want to delve into any specific topics, feel free to reach out. Enjoy your exploration of RIKXECOM's Artwork, and if there's anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask!      
Enjoy....      }--RiKXecom--{

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