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Available Gallery Canvas Frame, Satin finish OR Acrylic High Gloss Shine AND Solid Acrylic Square Tile OR Clear Block cube very modern look.


 BOTH Are the same price, free shipping continental USA, Taxes included in the price... by FedEx and DHL International with tracking numbers.

contact me directly at,    to arrange payment and shipping address, save 20% by direct payment or regular prices with credit cards you have now have an option.

Thank you for visiting my online Art Store Today!!! RiK 

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Abstract Modern Art: A Timeless and Enchanting Addition to Your Home Decor   Are you searching for a way to elevate your home decor and express your distinctive style? Look no further than abstract modern art. This form of art has been in vogue for decades and continues to be relevant and spellbinding to this day.  The beauty of abstract art lies in its ability to elicit various emotions and feelings.


   Abstract modern art is a timeless and enchanting addition to any home decor. Investing in canvas wall art is an excellent way to add personality and style to your home, create a focal point, enhance your home's aesthetics, and easily change and update your decor. 


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In creating visual art, I find inspiration in the work of old masters such as Vincent van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Gustav Klimt, and Claude Monet, to name just a few. I find that there is something magical about the way these artists used color, form, and composition to express themselves and communicate their unique vision of the world. As an artist myself, I strive to incorporate these techniques into my own work, infusing it with a sense of wonder and awe that is sure to captivate and inspire all who view it.

  I am an artist who believes in the power of imagination and the dynamic interplay between creativity and the mind. I believe that art is an expression of our deepest thoughts and desires, and that it can inspire and motivate us in ways that we never thought possible. My artwork is a reflection of my own experiential processes, as I examine and explore the depths of my own psyche to produce work that is both engaging and thought-provoking.

{Intuition and insight are usually identified as the sources of ideas and sudden insights. Not so. We and our accumulated experiences, and the amassed brain associations among superficially dissimilar things are the sources of our own creativity. RiK}

          RIK story's Journey Through the Life of a young artist in the 1960s


       It's fascinating to learn about the journey of the young photographer, now known as RIKXECOM the Marfanite Multimedia Visual Artist, in the 1960s. RichaR GobouT's passion for photography was nurtured from an early age, given his first camera shooting black and white film photos. The influence of his uncle Guy and the experience of working in the darkroom sparked a love for capturing moments in time and the magic of transforming abstract images into tangible photographs.

      The limited resources during those times taught him the value of frugality, leading to the importance of contact sheets to represent his photo adventures and life experiences. Despite the constraints, he continued to explore the art of photography, documenting moments with meticulous details in his notepad for later analysis.

      As he progressed, he received an upgrade with a 35mm Praktica camera, allowing him to expand his photographic skills further. The excitement of discovering captured moments during film processing remained a thrilling highlight of his journey. Over the years, RIKXECOM has taken thousands of photos, freezing moments in time to preserve memories for the future.

      Beyond photography, RIKXECOM also delves into visual art processing, finding deep satisfaction in expressing himself through this medium. Working on his computer to create visual magic and preparing presentations allows him to share moments of joy and pleasure with others, bringing smiles to their faces.


     It's evident that RIKXECOM's artistic journey has been filled with passion, dedication, and a desire to share the beauty of life through photography and visual art. His artistic endeavors continue to bring happiness and inspiration to others as he captures and freezes moments :-)







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