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    Thank you for your visit today.  If you have any more questions, need assistance, or want to delve into any specific topics, feel free to reach out. Enjoy your exploration of RIKXECOM's Artwork, and if there's anything else I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask!    
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RIKXECOM 7P1 abstract art
RIKXECOM 15P1 abstract art
rikxecom (29).jpg
RIKXECOM Artwork 14P1 abstract art
RIKXECOM Artwork 8P1 abstract art

RIKXECOM featured in various publications.

RIKXECOM very own Website Rickart Gallery photo of a green pen
RIKXECOM Artwork 7BP1 abstract art
RIKXECOM Artwork 88P1 Gallery Canvas Artwork display photograph
RIIKXECOM Artwork 99P1 Abstract on Canvas display photograph
RIKXECOM Artwork 4P1 abstract art on display
RIKXECOM Artwork 66P1 Award Winning Curated and Judged display photograph
RIKXECOM Artwork 55P1  Published Worldwide on display photography
RIKXECOM Artwork 3AP1 abstract art on display

Presenting Achievements of RichaR GobouT the Artist RIKXECOM:

From my extensive contemporary collection, my art graces diverse platforms, from television to prestigious galleries. Featured on CBS New York, Sunday Morning Show following the Architectural Digest segment (5 million viewers) and New York Photoville in 5 boroughs (1 million viewers), my work enjoys broad recognition. Currently promoted by Arizona Camelback Gallery and published in Observica contemporary art magazine's Special Edition, my art spans the globe with exhibitions in London, Vancouver, and Laguna, California. Published in France and Italy, featured on the cover of Contemporary Art Magazine Issue #37 (August 2023), participant in Art Basel Miami 2023, and showcased on Artsy Net online art brokerage, these milestones enrich my dynamic artistic journey.


As the ultra-contemporary artist RIKXECOM, my artistic practice seamlessly integrates traditional and digital elements across diverse disciplines, crafting a distinctive and innovative body of work. The unique eye through which I view art is a synthesis of tradition and technology, resulting in a truly unparalleled artistic expression.

                            RIKXECOM's accomplishments
                    AWARDS ---- PUBLICATIONS ---- EXHIBITIONS
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1979 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Published by Dynacolor, Miami
Private Collection Montreal, Canada
Private Collection Stoneham, Canada
CBS New York City, Architectural Digest segment May 21st 2023 + August 20th, 2023, twice same year, 5 millions Viewers
Verzasca Foto Festival Awards 
Observica contemporary art magazine, Impulse Edition 
Santa Fe Convention Center Art Gallery Show 
SoloS - 10th International Solo Exhibitions

Welcome Rik Xecom

Camelback Gallery Featured Artist, Arizona


London Art Biennale


Fotofestival Lenzburg - SYNTHESIS


Photo Vogue Photographer 


Private Collection Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Exhibizone Juried International exhibition.

Exhibition at Photoville, New York City 5 burrows
Curves - juried international group exhibition
Mounts Botanical Garden 16th annual.
Aesthetics exhibition
Aesthetics Publication, Gallerium & The Book of Arts 
Curves exhibition in 14 countries
London, England the New Artist 5th Edition Boomer Gallery UK
Gallerium Emotions exhibition & Publication
Hollywood Hills, fl Private Collection
Historical Collections at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Paul R. Harrington, MD, The Harrington Archives.   
Laguna, California
Vancouver, Canada
HMVC Gallery New York The Sweet Life Exhibition
TSX - HMVC Time Square Jumbotron Outdoor TV Display
Artifact New York
NYC4 PA Photographic Art "Luminosity"
Naturalist Gallery of Contemporary Art, Juried Exhibition
Circle Foundation for the Arts, Paris France
International Color Awards, Beverly Hills California
Certification: Artmajeur & Akoun, World Leader Art Market Information Montpelier France, Europe 2024
2024 RIKXECOM Artist Value Certification $2800 EUR (65X50CM)
Miami Art Week 2023 "Coeur de Bijoux"
Art Basel Miami 2023, Booth 100 RIKXECOM's First Exhibition
ARTSY  NET Online Art Brokerage N.Y.
Creation Station Palm Beach, Florida Art Fair 2024
LA Art Show Los Angeles Convention Center 2024 "Teardrop"
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2024 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                        MARFANITE tm

RIKXECOM Artwork 18P1 RichaR GobouT is a display photograph of visual art
RiK  traveling by electric mobility device to art gallery
RiK traveling on mobility artwork transport vehicle in the art gallery
RiK  Art transport van to gallery exhibition in Palm Beach Florida
RIK stand looking at is artwork on the wall in gallery exhibition
RiK Hang Artworks in gallery 1
RIKXECOM Artwork 100P1 Juried Contest Winner Art Exhibition mounted on canvas

RIKXECOM RichaR GobouT  member of:









Allied Artist A

Miami Art Week

American for the Arts

Cultural Council of Palm Beach


FEP Federation of European Photographers, Brussels, Belgium.


Europe, Espace Art:  17 Blvd de la Gare, France.

ECAS EC Europa E.U.


RPS Royal Photographic Society, Arnos Vale, Bristol, England


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RIKXECOM 3236P1 RichaR GobouT visual abstract art color vortex seen on display
RIKXECOM 2798P1 RichaR GobouT visual abstract artwork on display
RIKXECOM 3128P1 RichaR GobouT
RIKXECOM Artwork 16P1 art on display
RIKXECOM Artwork 18P1 abstract art on display

                              R I K X E C O M



,                             ברוך הבא

                          BRUCH HABA





                       Добро пожаловать

                    DOBRO POZHALOVAT



rickart gallery artist series web art presentation visual display

My dual discipline involves a fascinating blend of two key elements:

  1. Interdisciplinary Explorations:  embracing a cross-disciplinary approach, a willingness to draw inspiration and techniques from various fields, creating a more holistic and integrated artistic practice.

  2. Creative Use of Custom Mixed Media Programs: custom mixed media programs highlight a technological and innovative aspect to your artistic process. Involving the development & customization of software tools to suit my specific artistic vision, allowing for a unique and personalized creative process.

  3. New Conceptual Abstract Ultra-Contemporary Arts: My focus is on a new conceptual abstract ultra-contemporary art a forward-thinking and cutting-edge approach, not just creating art for the sake of tradition but actively engaged in pushing boundaries and exploring the forefront of contemporary artistic expressions.

RIKXECOM's dynamic and forward-looking artistic practice combines traditional and digital elements, spanning various disciplines to create a unique and innovative body of work. 

Minimalist Square 8" x 8" Epoxied Aluminum Hi~Gloss Collection

Introducing the NEW! "Sun over Wings over Flowers" RIKXECOM Square Art Collection. These minimalist pieces measure 8 x 8 inches (203 x 203 millimeters) and are crafted from epoxied acrylic on aluminum. Available with or without a wood frame, they come in 10 different finishes and 7 colors, offering versatility to complement any decor. The Square Collection boasts an Ultra High Gloss HD durable finish, enhancing their visual appeal. Moreover, these pieces can be customized and are also available in larger sizes, including 10 x 10, 12 x 12, 20 x 20, and 24 x 24 inches (254 x 254, 304 x 304, 508 x 508, 609 x 609 millimeters), catering to individual preferences and spaces.

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